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Enter Into Art Garden

The immensely popular Art Garden returns for a 4th year to the Singapore Art Museum, bringing ingenious artworks that sublimely provide superbly immersive experiences I liken to a perfect union of Ai Wei Wei’s lusciously tactile “Sunflower…

The Delectably Inventive “crystal & fruits”

While Peter Zimmermann still uses the humble brush to combine the elements of painting and sculpture, he definitely prefers applying epoxy resin for two equally paramount reasons: he really likes the way he successfully achieves very…

Photos of India: Tinted by Tradition

“Tinted by Tradition” showcases Waswo X. Waswo’s coloured vintage photographs of posed studio portraiture that subvert ethnographic clichés in Rajasthan, and play with calendar art and popular iconography. This idea of making black and white photographs…

Singapore Tyler Print Institute

In the heart of Robertson Quay is a hidden gem – the Singapore Tyler Print Institute (STPI). Stretching the length of Caseen Street, it sits in a restored warehouse that fronts the Singapore River and has…