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Picasso: As Seen Through His Prints

Picasso had repeatedly said that “it is not sufficient to know an artist’s works – it is also necessary to know when he did them, why, how, under what circumstances… I want to leave to posterity…

Kudos to the President’s Young Talents

Contentious issues that grip most Singaporeans’ very hearts, minds, soul and conscience radiated heavily from most of the art works the Singapore Art Museum (SAM) commissioned for this year’s President’s Young Talents (PYT) exhibition. One hot…

Enter Into Art Garden

The immensely popular Art Garden returns for a 4th year to the Singapore Art Museum, bringing ingenious artworks that sublimely provide superbly immersive experiences I liken to a perfect union of Ai Wei Wei’s lusciously tactile “Sunflower…

The Delectably Inventive “crystal & fruits”

While Peter Zimmermann still uses the humble brush to combine the elements of painting and sculpture, he definitely prefers applying epoxy resin for two equally paramount reasons: he really likes the way he successfully achieves very…