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The “Flames” Of Yee Soo Kyung

Singapore has had wonderful opportunities to view Yee Soo Kyung’s works of art before: the Korean artist has been part of group exhibitions like the “Elephant Parade Singapore 2011”, Ion Art Gallery’s “Chopping Play: Korean Contemporary…

The Hyper-Realism of Luciano Ventrone

My art teachers constantly drum this into me: your painting must be more than the sum of the parts of what you paint. It can’t be just a photograph of what you see – it must…

Developing the Young Artists of Singapore

MinimArt – This is an art exhibition organized by Singaporean artists structured to provide support to other artists. The MinimArt exhibition focuses on artworks done by young artists including sculptures, paintings, photography, music, performances, graphics and other disciplines. The exhibition aims to promote the collection of local contemporary arts and the prolific art production among its artists.

Contemporary Art: A Mirror of Today’s Society

Artists are historians and their art the journal. Undeniably, art is not only an expression of beauty and creativity; it is also a reflection of the times. This is also the main reason why art is…