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Painting Songs of Australia’s Genesis

The aborigines of Australia have perhaps the oldest form of sacred geography, with its genesis through Alcheringa – the Dreamtime; where ancestral beings emerged as totemic animals and humans from Earth’s interior to wander over the…

Burnings Freeing Hanibal Srouji’s Soul

History appears to repeat itself in Lebanon: as in its Civil War from 1975 to 1990, thousands of Lebanese youths are again fleeing the country. This time with Germany or Sweden as their final destination; rather…

Starring: Paint, Wood, Fabric & What Not

For those of us who enjoyed being regaled by STPI’s “Looks Good on Paper” exhibition in the last quarter of 2016 on the myriad ways hand made paper can be coaxingly manipulated by different artists to…

When Science Meets Science Fiction in Art

Andy Weir’s 2011 science fiction novel “The Martian” is a prime example of excellent fictional story telling woven around well-researched facts. His tale of American astronaut Mark Watney becoming stranded alone on Mars in the year…