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  • The-Village-(pic-2)_low-res
  • Teresa BAKER_17-006
  • Hanibal Srouji_Burnt_landscape_Acrylic on canvas_2017_85cm
  • Leonardo Drew solo exhibition, at Pearl Lam Galleries on Nov 11, 2015, in Hong Kong, China. Photo by Moses Ng / studioEAST
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  • artwork by Amanda Heng
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  • artwork by Shinro Ohtake. Paper pulp painting.
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  • han_sai_por_cliff_view_no1
  • Wishing Star 67x101 2015
  • Caleb-Ming-Plot-2015_1-1024x680
  • K-prints-8-warp
  • The-Light-Beyond-Picture-2

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Wretchedly Bleak’s Wonders Revealed

David Attenborough’s “Planet Earth” series with BBC Natural History Unit in 2006 is such an enthralling nature documentary that I was compelled to watch BBC America’s “Planet Earth Diaries” to catch glimpses of what it took…


Well Beyond Black & White

The winsome imaginative promise of my mental amalgamation of Indonesian Christine Ay Tjoe’s Second Studio (2013) with Singaporean Jane Lee’s painting process has at last witnessed tangible harmonious representations through Zhu Jinshi’s 20 odd coloured paintings showcased…

artwork by Amanda Heng

Inspiring Reflections

Singaporean Amanda Heng’s expansive single artwork in “We Are The World, These Are Our Stories” exhibition, with its QR codes that access online audio and visual recordings as part of 12 pairs of prints correlating personal…


What Else Is Happening During Singapore Art Week?

As the country gears up for Art Stage from the 12th to the 15th and Singapore Contemporary from the 20th to the 22nd in January next year, SingArt highlights a selection of additional exhibitions kicking Singapore…