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Mimili Maku: A Journey from the Bush to the World

One of the celebrated art forms of Australia has arrived Singapore. The world of visual art recently discovered and recognized the ingenious art from the Aborigines of South Australia. The immense red sandstone ridges served as…

Singapore Biennale: A Window to the World

Singapore aims to be Asia’s premier art center. The Singapore Biennale is geared towards the goal of bringing Singaporean and the rest of South East Asian art to the world. Organized and spearheaded by the Singapore…

Exploring the impermanence of life – Thai Transience

Thai Transience, an exhibition on Thai contemporary art, is now on at the Singapore Art Museum (SAM). A collaboration between the museum and the Office of Contemporary Art and Culture of Thailand’s Ministry of Culture, Thai…

On Focus: The Photography Scene of Singapore

Photography is now a certified art form. Together with graphic imaging, it is considered the most relevant visual art of today. Just like the most renowned art form of painting, artists in photography also need the…