• The-Village-(pic-2)_low-res
  • Teresa BAKER_17-006
  • Hanibal Srouji_Burnt_landscape_Acrylic on canvas_2017_85cm
  • Leonardo Drew solo exhibition, at Pearl Lam Galleries on Nov 11, 2015, in Hong Kong, China. Photo by Moses Ng / studioEAST
  • 59691_big
  • letschat_1440x720
  • 80c7ca0563524ca631feb4796e803a52-2
  • timthumb.php-2
  • artwork by Amanda Heng
  • unspecified-2
  • ab19591c2c139ab931ad9d4cdb280e6a
  • artwork by Shinro Ohtake. Paper pulp painting.
  • 16091603555f482709d66b43b8a74579544285d596
  • han_sai_por_cliff_view_no1
  • Wishing Star 67x101 2015
  • Caleb-Ming-Plot-2015_1-1024x680
  • K-prints-8-warp
  • The-Light-Beyond-Picture-2
  • Chang Fee Ming
  • Incident

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Wishing Star 67x101 2015

Aaron Gan’s Inspirations

In 2015, Singaporean Aaron Gan’s “Starry Starry Night” became the first ever watercolour artwork to clinch the Gold award in the UOB Painting of the Year competition. This emerging largely self-taught artist walked away with this…


Natural Artistic Inspirations

As we serenely dwell upon Kavita Issar Batra’s artistic inspiration from the natural in her surroundings, it becomes equally instinctive to cast our mind’s eye wider and further: How are other artists responding to their ecological…


Delving Into Kavita Issar Batra’s Art

I caught up with Singapore-based emerging Indo-British artist Kavita Issar Batra as she and Marie-Pierre Mol, Intersections Gallery’s owner-cum-curator, were setting up her 2nd solo show in the latter’s exhibition space. Following the success of her…


June’s Art Exhibitions Picked

June’s selected art exhibitions give prominence to the works by esteemed artists in the Asia Pacific region; spanning antique artworks to modernist creations and finally contemporary but equally creative pieces – all dwelling on the issues…