Exciting new exhibition heading to our shores

A stunning family photography exhibition from Sydney is headed for Singapore.

“Family photography tends to look the same everywhere you go”, says Steven from I Love My Family Photography, the principal creative director behind the exhibition and head photographer for To My Unborn Son.

“And at some point we realised that we are just as guilty of making that mistake as everybody else. Even though we considered ourselves as artists, we realised that our family portraits looked and felt pretty much the same as those of everybody else. And they were photographed with the same equipment, in the same poses .. you get the point. Aren’t artists supposed to be people who create something new?”

That was a turnaround point for I Love My Family Photography in Sydney, which specialises in kids photography and family photography.

The big shift happened when they went back to basics and had a close look at the core of their business. They realised even though they were working hard and aiming to create better photographs with every photoshoot, they never really addressed one important question:

In other words, why was family photography important to them? And why did they do family photography in particular instead of, say, taking photos plants?

They realised that family photography for them was not just about making pictures of kids with their parents. And it was not about creating elaborately executed studio portraits with intricate lighting setups, not about playing with expensive gadgets – although all those things were a part of the overall package.

On the most core level, family photos are about love for what’s real. In a time when there are so many distractions and it’s so easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of careers, money, travel, entertainment and party pals, family photos remind us about what’s really real and really close to our hearts.

“In a world where everything around you is changing, your family provides one constant: they unconditionally love you for who you are”, says Steven. “And that’s remarkable!”

Your family is simultaneously your biggest achievement and your biggest teacher; your biggest opportunity to grow as a human being.  Isn’t that something worthy of celebration? Something to capture in mementos which you’ll treasure for years to come?

Family photography serves as a means of bringing you back home, as a way of celebrating you family unit and a way of expressing your own individuality within your family.

“That’s a purpose which is bigger than just taking a picture or playing with the latest Canon-mk-whatever camera, isn’t it?”, laughs Steven. “That’s a game worth playing.”

Getting present to the purpose allowed I Love My Family Photography to define their photographic style and set a firm direction for their business strategy.

“All of a sudden I knew what I wanted my photographs to communicate. The photos began to stand out in a sea of competition. That’s where the artist in me began to emerge and the copycat began to wither away.”

This latest body of family portraiture, on its way to be exhibited in Singapore, is the product of that radical shift in direction by folks at I Love My Family Photography.

The venue is yet to be confirmed, but will be soon announced; keep checking back to this page for updates.

Ming Sun
Art Reporter

I Love My Family Photography is a Sydney-based team of two photographers, who specialise in portraiture of families, kids and newborns. For more info, visit http://www.familyphotographysydney.com.au

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