Our small island state has one of the most dynamic cultural settings in the world. The densely populated city state is home to art galleries and museums that showcase the wealth of cultural treasures that Singapore has to offer.

No visit to Singapore is complete without touring its museums. Here are some of the most renowned venues that hold the best of Singaporean art and history:


Singapore Art Museum (SAM)

The Singapore Art Museum showcases contemporary Asian art from Singapore, Southeast Asia, and China. Its exhibits are designed to widely accessible, even to visitors without any sort of formal training in the fine arts. The specific composition of the exhibits changes every few months, but they often employ a wide range of artistic forms, including painting, sculpture, multimedia and installation art.

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National Museum of Singapore (NSM)

Officially opened in 1887, this is Singapore’s oldest museum and also one of its largest. The exhibits within capture the social and cultural developments that have taken place in Singapore from its humble origins as a fishing village to the cosmopolitan city that it is today.

The National Museum also hosts some of the grander special exhibits in the country, which have included artefacts from the V&A Museum in London and the Museum of Historical Treasures in Ukraine.

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ArtScience Museum

The ArtScience Museum is increasingly becoming one of Singapore’s most iconic museums. The building, shaped like a lotus flower, is an unmissable part of Singapore’s skyline while the museum itself has played host to numerous art, history, and movie-related exhibitions that have received worldwide acclaim.

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Peranakan Museum

The Peranakan Museum is celebrates the diverse culture of the Peranakan community, a loosely-defined group that is defined only by its mixed ancestry. From fashion to funerals, the Museum showcases the colourful forms of expression that can be found in every aspect of Peranakan life.

Many facets of modern Singaporean culture and language can be traced to the cultural influence of the Peranakan community, making a visit to the Museum an eye-opening experience to little-known facts about the melting pot of ethnicities that is found in Singapore.

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Changi Prison Chapel and Museum

Changi Prison Chapel and Museum commemorates the suffering and sacrifices endured by the prisoners-of-war in Singapore during the Second World War. The chapel that currently stands beside the museum was painstakingly reconstructed and decorated with murals to closely resemble the original chapel that once stood there.

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Singapore Philatelic Museum

A museum about…stamp-collecting? The Singapore Philatelic Museum explores the history of stamps and stamp-collecting, using the humble stamp as a reflection of the cultural and social forces that are influencing the country at the moment of its issue.

Besides being an educational resource on the historical significance of stamps, the Museum is also a convenient stop for the purchase of postcards and stamps to remember your visit to Singapore.

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Asian Civilizations Museum (ACM)

Set at a scenic location along the Singapore River, the ACM embraces Singapore’s rich heritage by celebrating the diverse Asian cultures which have converged upon the island. The museum explores the history of the different ethnicities and religions that have mingled in Singapore for centuries due to its location at the crossroads between India and China.

Arguably Singapore’s most expansive museum, showcasing a startling array of artefacts and historic art from Singapore and the region.

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Mint Museum of Toys

Relive your childhood at the Mint Museum of Toys, showcasing over 50,000 rare and antique toys that are guaranteed to reignite the memories of your younger days!

From Batman to Popeye, from Astro Boy to teddy bears and dolls, the Museum of Toys hosts an impressive collection of toys that is bound to make you smile with nostalgia.

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