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A Tribute To Val

I have always maintained that our individual uniqueness and experiences not only define who we are. It too determines that only that one person will ever dream up that particular original concept or creation. Einstein’s life…

SG’16 Biennale: 10 Must See

As the arc of Southeast Asia’s shared histories encompasses East and South Asia’s, these regions bear the imprints of one another’s diverse cultures through borders currently characterized by fluid movement and migration; highlighting the challenges that…

Shinro Ohtake’s Internal Drivers

Fans of Shinro Ohtake will probably know that his unique and iconic ongoing series of “Scrapbooks” stem from his artistic belief of never creating something out of nothing; preferring to collaborate with what is already there…

October’s Art Highlights

We can certainly do more than eagerly countdown towards the upcoming Singapore Biennale this October. We can while away our wait by leisurely attending the exciting selection of art exhibitions highlighted by SingArt. Exhibition: O Dear…