The Arts House

The Arts House is another of Singapore’s homes for multidisciplinary arts, located within the refurbished interior of Singapore’s old Parliament building.

There are two visual arts galleries within the Arts House, namely the Print Gallery and The Gallery. The Print Gallery is dedicated to showcasing the artworks and exhibits of new Singaporean artists, while The Gallery is a multi-purpose hall that tends to showcase artwork from regional artists within its beautiful Tuscan interior.

In addition to these two galleries is a Film Gallery, which features multimedia artwork within its Screening Room and posters pertaining to the featured film along the corridor outside. If you’re pressed for time and would like a whirlwind tour of the diverse arts scene in Singapore, look no further than the Arts House, which promises to give you a taste of the local arts scene in the country.

The Arts House is located along Old Parliament Lane, and it is a short 10 minute walk from City Hall MRT Station. Admission to the galleries varies according the exhibits on display. It is recommended that you call in or check the website for the admission charges on the day that you intend to visit.

More information is available at the Arts House website here: