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SyaifulGaribaldi_Abiogenesis-Terhah Landscape#9

Biological Science in Definitive Art

With my initial training in the biological sciences, I have the good fortune of being able to look at a tree and see, in my mind’s eye, the resounding symphony within as every living cell natter…

Art Donna Ong

Unearthing Our Natural Side

When I was a little girl, over 40 years ago, the estate I lived in was surrounded by forests. A great way to while the time involved exploring its undergrowth and climbing trees to get a…


A Quenching Japanese Psyche

TeamLab made an indelible impression on visitors to the 2013 Singapore Biennale with their interactive “Peace Can Be Realized Even Without Order” installation, which was inspired by the Awa Dance festival; one that is very entrenched…

Genesis of Dürer #1 (154.5x200 cm) - Acrylic and Drawing Pen on Canvas

Gillman Barracks: March & April Must Sees

 The galleries at Gillman Barracks continue with their tradition of offering the culturally well heeled in Singapore a delectably cutting-edged spread of artworks that span the globe: March and April’s repertoire gives a very good representation…

Box decorated with lions_SML

Treasures Besides the Terracotta

Without a doubt, the most famous things to come out of Xi’an, in Shaanxi province, China, are the life size “Terracotta Warriors and Horses” funeral art buried with Qin Shi Huang (the country’s 1st Emperor) in…

Pinaree Sanpitak's "Breast Stupa Topiary A". Photo credit: Yavuz Fine Art.

Beyond Breasts of Steel

While Thailand’s contemporary art scene considers Pinaree Sanpitak a long time calm and understated champion of feminine concerns and aspirations within her country and beyond, this Thai artist upholds that her work is not about being…

Shin Il Kim's "Mind Printed". Photo credit: Space Cottonseed.

Loaded With Words

A Facebook post really intrigued me the other day. The video attachment captured a Siberian huskie that has learned to insistently say ‘no’ to its owner whenever he does not want to get up after lying…

Photo credit: Han Sai Por & Singapore Tyler Print Institute.

From Stone to Paper

On the grounds of the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) sits Han Sai Por’s “Spring” sculpture – its gush of crystal clear waters energetically and endlessly falls and collects round its barely visible basin; fulfilling…

Tu Wei-Cheng's "The Emperor's Treasure Chest -Two". Photo credit: Tina Keng Gallery.

Movingly Vintage

Singaporeans love the hip and new, especially when it comes to technology. I have friends who change their cars ever so often, simply because the latest model has more technologically advanced gadgets. At the same time,…

A Thousand Plateaus Art Space_Chen Qiulin_The Hundred Surnames in Tofu_2004-2014(2)

As Chinese As Tofu

The Chinese love their tofu (also called ‘bean curd’) so much it comes in a variety of textures – from jelly-like wobbly soft and silken (as is used in making hot and soupy yong tou fu…

Juz Kitson_Changing Skin_GAGPROJECTS_detail 3

Surrealistically From Oz

Australians are fond of lovingly calling their country Oz. Every time they do so, lucid images of the 1939 movie classic “The Wizard of Oz” comes to my mind. I can clearly see young Dorothy as…

Titarubi"s "Imago Mundi". Photo credit: Michael Janssen Gallery Singapore.

A Bloodied Nutmeg’s History

Michael Janssen Singapore will be bringing Rubiati Puspitasari’s “Imago Mundi” to local shores early next year to offer residents and visitors alike a bitter sweet taste of the Dutch East India Company’s pivotal role in advancing…