Contemporary Art: A Mirror of Today’s Society

Artists are historians and their art the journal. Undeniably, art is not only an expression of beauty and creativity; it is also a reflection of the times. This is also the main reason why art is…

Mimili Maku: A Journey from the Bush to the World


One of the celebrated art forms of Australia has arrived Singapore. The world of visual art recently discovered and recognized the ingenious art from the Aborigines of South Australia. The immense red sandstone ridges served as…

Singapore Biennale: A Window to the World


Singapore aims to be Asia’s premier art center. The Singapore Biennale is geared towards the goal of bringing Singaporean and the rest of South East Asian art to the world. Organized and spearheaded by the Singapore…

Exploring the impermanence of life – Thai Transience


Thai Transience, an exhibition on Thai contemporary art, is now on at the Singapore Art Museum (SAM). A collaboration between the museum and the Office of Contemporary Art and Culture of Thailand’s Ministry of Culture, Thai…

On Focus: The Photography Scene of Singapore


Photography is now a certified art form. Together with graphic imaging, it is considered the most relevant visual art of today. Just like the most renowned art form of painting, artists in photography also need the…

The Best of Pop: A Journey from Obscurity to the Limelight


Pop art is the trend that changed the perception that art is only for the learned. It revamped the idea of art’s exclusivity to high sagacity and made art appreciation easier. Never have art been more…

The Affordable Art Fair: Bringing Art to the Masses


Asia’s art capital Singapore has always promoted art in its every form. One of the initiatives to bring art to the people is by supporting raw and talented artists even at the inception of their careers….

Art Stage Singapore


The sophomore edition of Art Stage Singapore has closed its doors, leaving room to reflect on its place within the global art scene and its significance locally. On the whole, Art Stage ’12 seemed like a…

Exciting new exhibition heading to our shores

“Family photography tends to look the same everywhere you go”, says Steven from I Love My Family Photography, the principal creative director behind the exhibition and head photographer for To My Unborn Son.

Street Murals in Singapore


Competing for attention with the polished and clean lines of Singapore are the arresting, profound and symbolic murals scattered around the city.

The city has succeeded in achieving the perfect of awe inspiring art pieces, without over-crowding the limited open spaces. The nation’s austere and disciplined artists have a lot to do with the classical, tasteful and strategic placement of wall paintings. Aside from the paintings that can be viewed in the Singapore national gallery, the streets are also teeming with artistry.