Exhibitions Of Singapore

The recent years have seen Singapore hosting major international visual art exhibitions as it takes a jab at becoming Asia’s authority of arts. The growing number of galleries and museums, the internationally open culture and the country’s collective artistic enthusiasm gave the perfect milieu to showcase historical pieces and new talents. The Singapore National Gallery of Arts, set to open in 2015 is another major addition to the dynamic art scene of the country.

Tourists on their aimless jaunts and hunts will find prominent galleries with priceless masterpieces on display or showcasing the newest prodigy of the arts. They might also be surprised to stumble upon independent artsy shops tucked in the many corners of the city, holding a more discrete assembly of contemporary art done by raw and talented artists. A lot of the exhibits are free, but some will have entrance fees.

Any day is art day in Singapore. Singaporeans and guests can always find and treat themselves to go art gawking. Whether you intend to buy masterpieces or just trying to get art educated, the city will have something great for your day. There are also events like mural paintings wherein public participation is encouraged. You can check for the dates when you can catch your favorite artist or collection on display. You can easily catch an Andy Warhol or a Chris Levine collection. But for impromptu art cravings, Singapore also has several permanent art exhibitions.

The Ng Eng Teng Collection

Ng Eng Teng was a trained painter who is better celebrated for his sculptures. The artist who died in 2001 is recognized by his humanist themes. His works are displayed in the NUS museum that holds more than a thousand of Ng’s sculptures and has a regular exhibit from the collection.

Ways of Seeing Chinese Art

The best of 20th century Chinese art collection is also in permanent display at the NUS museum. The museum also holds a collection of more than 100 pieces of jade, ceramics and bronze masterpieces that dates back to prehistory.

Buddha Exhibition

The Guru Antiques holds an ongoing exhibit on antique Buddhas. They have a wide range of collection that includes bronze Buddhas from 19th century Thailand and alabaster pieces from 17th century Burma.

Collection 1

The relatively new art gallery holds art pieces from the Chinese Qing Dynasty. The gallery opened in 2011 with a collection of blue and white porcelain antiques notable for their themes, motifs and strong Chinese symbolism.

Singapore Coins and Notes Museum

If you favor a more educational tour, you should visit the museum for its ongoing display of specimen currencies of Singapore and other countries like Japan, India and Papua New Guinea. Visitors can mint their own souvenir coin in the installed old minting press.

Genghis Khan Exhibition

Another educational jaunt is going on in the Marina Bay museum where the great warrior’s life and heritage are put in display. Artifacts in the collection include immense swords, jade treasures and leaflets on short discussions regarding Genghis Khan’s contributions to the modern world, including the passport, paper money, diplomatic immunity, grounding of meat and pants.

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