The Substation Gallery

The Substation Gallery is in fact part of a wider arts hub known as The Substation, which includes a theatre and a dance studio alongside the art gallery.

The artwork showcased in the gallery displays the influence of these mixed art influences, by combining visual, audio and even tactile elements. Many of the exhibits involve some degree of installation art, which has included a bubble-wrap walkway and the creation of sound gateways within the gallery.

As a result, the gallery is far more interactive than most others in Singapore, allowing you to actually engage with the artwork on display instead of merely observing it from a distance. If your senses are not suitably sated by the artwork within, there is also an alley decorated with local graffiti just alongside The Substation – a rarity in a country famous for its tight control over vandalism and street art.

The Substation is located along Armenian Street, is most easily accessible by taking a 10 minute walk from City Hall MRT station. Admission to the gallery is free.

More information about The Substation can be found on its website here: