The Affordable Art Fair: Bringing Art to the Masses

Asia’s art capital Singapore has always promoted art in its every form. One of the initiatives to bring art to the people is by supporting raw and talented artists even at the inception of their careers. The country also served as host to the popular Affordable Art Fair. The fair is instrumental in bringing affordable contemporary art works to avid patrons who would like to collect quality art but do not have the capability of spending millions.

If you are in the look out for fresh talents or for less expensive yet quality art pieces, the Affordable Art Fair is the best place for your art hunting.  Aside from giving ordinary people the chance to buy, collect and enjoy art, it also strives to provide young and raw talents a venue to showcase their work. In fact, exceptional works of under 30 emerging artists will be featured in the Young Talent Programme.

The annual Affordable Art Fair of Singapore is already on its third year. It was founded by William Ramsay in 1999 aiming to enliven and support the contemporary arts scene and to provide not so affluent art enthusiasts a chance to buy and collect arts. The first Affordable Art Fair was held in London was able to attract over a million visitors from all over the world. Today, the popular art fair is now being held in key art cities around the world including New York, Seattle, Milan, Mexico City, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Hamburg and London. Singapore hosted the first Asian exhibition of the Affordable Art Fair in 2010.

The affair showcases masterpieces from various art forms including paintings, prints, photographs and sculptures. Fresh and contemporary art pieces, from artists of different genre, experience and orientation will be available for sale. Art enthusiasts without millions of dollars can easily acquire art pieces in the fair. All items will be affordably priced with at least 75% of the art pieces will be under SG $7,500.

To complete the experience of art enthusiasts, the Art Equity is also expected to grace this year’s event and its ranks of art experts will conduct free art talks. The focus of the discussion will mainly be on collecting art, starting a collection and basic art assessment and appraisal. Visitors can also listen to lectures on the contemporary art scene of Singapore.  Aside from talks, visitors can enjoy a hands-on art demonstration and workshop to be hosted by renowned artists. The fair will also showcase the works of Singaporean artists.

The exhibition has enjoyed big participation with at least 85 galleries participating from 18 countries. The huge turnout provides diverse collection of affordable contemporary art. Everyone is invited to the Affordable Art Fair. Guests will enjoy and be inspired by artworks from galleries all over the world. There is sure to be one piece that will catch the eye, suit the budget and have a perfect place at home.

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